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Queer Voices Ediția 6

Since the creation of Queer Voices International Film Festival six years ago, we are still here and we are stronger, and we are more solidary and we are more creative and we are trying to be happy making our lives visible and defending our rights to be equal!

Equality is what we are missing because this undercuts our full powers and undermines our full potential to be creative and be happy. However we are not discouraged! We have art that stands by us, film, theatre, dance, painting, photography. Queer Voices FF is more than a festival, it is an artistic creative platform that bridges L(esbian) G(ay) T(rans) Q(ueer) B(isexual) I(ntersex) (HIV)+ A(sexual) with A(llies). Yes, it all sounds like a political collaition, but as Pericles said “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you. ”

This year we promise to you the most varied and intense 4 days of queer creativity you can have in Moldova. We are expecting a record number of international guests and workshop participants, daily parties and plenty of artistic events including fiction and documentary films, painting exhibitions and dance performances, a discussion panel and a film projects pitching event. This year we will have a special focus on Georgia, which in its lively community is facing high ranks of oppression lately.

From our list of achievements we take pride in is the National Film Center post-production award that the queer project “Between two worlds” of Doy Dochitan & Ana Gurdis, probably the first queer film topic ever sponsored by the Moldovan government, the festival selection at the Vienna Queer Museum of the short film “Stela” by Stela Pascal, a trans female artist, the upcoming screening in Cluj of the feature documentary Happy Land by Toma Panco, Elena Culic and Vasiluta Vasilache. All these films have been developed and produced by Queer Voices. At Moldox Festival, our sister festival in Cahul, we have registered a record number of queer workshop participants and two queer-topic films have won international further development awards. WE wish them all good luck and a huge thank you for all the energies put into defending all our rights through their personal stories. And of course our dearest project Queer Community Cafe is there open every weekend for you to discover your potential and to connect to others throughout the year.

On this note I would like to welcome you to the 6th edition of Queer Voices FF and wish you lots of fun and inspiration among all these beautiful people that will bring colors and light in these difficult times we areall living these days!