11-19 November 2023 17:00


Location: Lemon Pizza (str. 31 august 1989, 91)

The artist Vasiluța Vasilache, together with her collaborators, Vassilis Tzitiridis, Ulrich Janzyck, and Marie Donath, bring us “Synesthesia” – an innovative exhibition of paintings that explore the complexity and beauty of the human body.

Each artwork in the exhibition focuses on a specific aspect of the human body – from the heart and lungs to the nervous system and internal organs. Through vibrant colors and meticulous details, the artist manages to illustrate the hidden beauty within these intricate systems.

The exhibition’s opening will take place on November 11th at Lemon Pizza (31 August 1989 Street, 91), starting at 5:00 PM. For a complete experience, please have your headphones with you.