December 2, 2022 19:30


at Mediacor

The time for queer potentialities

Which are the politics of the dissident body/identity, and how can they be safely reflected in public space? How can we, LGBTQIA+ individuals, (re)claim our forgotten or eradicated histories and instill them in everyday life? We encounter our queer identities battling for visibility and safety between religion, politics, history and public life. We will no longer be constricted to bedroom politics; we shall wait for no hero!

The only ones that can lead us towards collective queer liberation are ourselves? 

QUEERDOS RAGE: DO YOU HEAR ME? explores queer potentialities in the present-day city – in public as well as in hidden spaces. In this straight world, in this straight time, as queer bodies, we stumble inside of the precarious and vanishing queer presents that we are making for ourselves while being refused a queer past or history. The memories, the love, and the intimacy we make are all we have, all we are left with. We turn them into fire – queer fire. This rage is simple and ravishing –  it is made up of tender, soft, radical moments and gestures, which we inscribe onto the urban and archival memory of Chișinău.