17 Noiembrie 2023 17:30

Exhibition opening: DECODE

Curator: Giorgi Rodionov

Artists: David Apakidze, Genadi Agadzhanyan, Pari Banu Asgar, Salina Abaza

Location: Queer Cafe

DECODE is an exhibition that delves into the profound intersection of digital technology, decoloniality, and the reshaping of historical narratives. In a world saturated with digital possibilities, we are presented with tools that possess the power to both challenge and perpetuate colonial ideologies. This exhibition aims to dissect the role of the digital realm in dismantling oppressive thought paradigms and redefine the custodians of history.

In an era dominated by digital influence, history is no longer the sole purview of traditional historians and institutions. Through user-generated content, digital archives, and collaborative storytelling, this exhibition probes how new technologies empower individuals and communities to rewrite history from diverse and authentic perspectives.

The demarcation between genuine historical accounts and digitally manipulated artifacts becomes increasingly ambiguous in the digital age. This exhibition invites viewers to interrogate the works of four South Caucasian artists: David Apakidze, Genadi Agadzhanyan, Pari Banu Asgar, Salina Abaza. 

The exhibition opened at the “left bank” in Tbilisi in the frame of queer and feminist art festival InVisible on 28th of September 2023.