Take part in the first Ballroom Workshop in Moldova

The Queer Voices International Film Festival invites you to the first Ballroom workshop in the Republic of Moldova – a unique opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies to learn more about the most colorful, mysterious, courageous and supportive culture.

Ballroom culture, Ballroom house community, ballroom scene and other similar terms describe an LGBQTIA+ underground subculture that was born in New York, where people “walk” (i.e. are in a competition) by category, to win trophies, awards and fame at events, known in the form of balls. Ballroom culture consists of event-categories that combine performances of various types, dances, lip-syncing and modeling.

Whether or not you have experience in all this, it doesn’t matter – we rely on your energy and support in promoting Ballroom culture in Moldova. For three days you will be learning what it is like to live your life on voguing rhythms, to develop your fashion sense beyond the barriers imposed by society, you will learn what it is like to walk in various categories with courage, freedom, solidarity – as, you’ve probably seen it in the “Pose” series or in the documentary “Paris is burning.”

The workshop will take place between 2 and 4 December. The tutors are from Kiki House of Marciano, Kiki House of Solar and Kiki House of Angels – famous houses in Berlin.

Requirements for participants:

  • Fill in this participation form;
  • Be part of the LGBTQIA+ community, filmmakerx supporting the community or people working in an NGO that protects LGBTQIA+ rights;
  • To be currently in the Republic of Moldova;
  • To speak English, as this is the language of communication of the workshop;
  • Ensure a non-discriminatory environment;
  • Comply with safety and health measures.

Registration deadline – November 25, 2021, 23:59

Duration of the workshop – three (3) days, six hours each

Location – Chișinău

Fill in the form and see you at the first Ballroom Workshop in Moldova. All participants will be notified of the selection results.